To Do list – 09/05/13

Occasionally I will post a “To-do” list as a reminder that I too exist in this world and could possibly be the woman standing behind you in line at the bank stealing your credit card information. Take this as a premonition or something to look forward to.

Clarissa’s To Do List
1. Go out and live.
2. Try new cafeteria food, even if I can’t identify what is in it.
3. Apply to every cool, hipster retail store there is and don’t stop until someone asks me when the last time I’ve eaten was.
4. Make it home in time before the fog of San Francisco takes me in and holds me captive.

Music choice: “Kids” by MGMT. Classic. Energized. The alternative to an espresso shot. Watch the music video. I dare you.


What do you think?

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