Breaking News: Nose Hoop Heightens Confidence

Looking in the mirror today I felt like Miss Jessica Badass. My nose hoop is dominant of the nose stud. It screams, “LOOK AT ME, I’M ROUND,” while the nose stud plainly hides itself in the depths of the outer nostril looking for a place to hide. HA. Silly stud. My nose hoop IS the green mask Jim Carrey wears, symbolizing a transformation of my inner being. Next time someone walks past me without saying “Excuse me”.. POW! You’ll find them on the floor, gasping for air and crying for mercy from the bitch slap I just served them. Amazing what a piece of jewelry can do.

Music Choice: “I’m Gonna Find Another You” – John Mayer. I swear, I’m a sweet girl with squishy insides and a soft voice. Do not be intimidated by this post. This is my alter ego.


What do you think?

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