Things I Am Fond Of

Just a list I made for myself to read when I’m feeling down in the dumps.

Here is a little slice of me.

  • a phenomenal book and a hot cup of tea
  • an intriguing conversation
  • walking barefoot
  • Filthy chai lattes
  • the sun and the moon
  • my opinion
  • animals
  • vintage record players and vinyls
  • poetry
  • Cosmopolitan
  • the color purple
  • flowers
  • headscarves
  • the truth
  • clouds and stars
  • cuddling before sex
  • sex
  • cuddling after sex
  • discovering something new about myself
  • Converse
  • learning something new
  • stylish people
  • breaking out of my shell
  • not wearing pants
  • my barista job
  • San Francisco

Music Choice: “Vultures” – John Mayer. Of course I’d be listening to John Mayer while writing the things I am most fond of. Me-ow.


What do you think?

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