The Drunken Blurb

Ugh, I hate to be blunt of my drunkness, but I am so drunk and I thought it would be really fun to mke a burb of my drunkness. OMG BWARE OF the spelling it’s kind of off…. ANYWAYS> TOnight I had a really fun night!! I met some chill people from L.A and made some connections. I ordered a BLT with avacado if antony cares. LOL. Heels hurt by the way but they make the ass look AMAZING so always wear them. If you want to be awesome go to the bars!! Tey are so much funyou can dnce and be silly and not give a care in th world because eberyone else is being silly!!!! WOW. OK, LOL. I;m actually laughing out loud at this post. I’m odd and weird someone told me that tonight but they said they liked it soooo CLARISSA 1 point AND WORLD 0.

The Morning After: Headaches and a stack of homework on my desk to finish. Hey, that’s what Sundays are for. Recovery and homework.


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