My First Experience with Psychedelics

THIS IS A JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE. If you are not mature enough to read this, please don’t. I am a curious human being. The other day I explored my curiosity and unlike the cat, I lived. I like to document things so I documented my experience with nature’s own. Here are my thoughts. Enjoy.

Dancing hair.
When you talk to your hair, the knots come out
Kanye saved himself by not marrying Kim. The KKs are prissy people you don’t want to mess with/be attached to.
My eyes are black.
Taylor’s bed is transforming. Water waves. molten lava. Vagina corner is looking at me.
The designs on vagina corner are moving to House of Balloons.
The sun on my wall is staring at me. It’s eyes went all crazy and hypnotic. No thanks
Bed is breathing. Sheets are breathing.
People’s misconception of “shroomy” afterward
The shower I just took felt like magic. Idk.
I was a mermaid for five minutes.
I am a human speakerphone
Everyone should be feeling like this all the time. we’d be fucked up it would be awesome.
How do i know when this is over?
We are drones. lol.
Taylor’s bedsheets are so fucking cool. It looks like a water bed.
I just put on my glasses everything is even cooler.
The movement stops when the music stops.
Why are the words running away from me
I want to give all of my money away
Everything moves like worms and snakes, Sucks if you’re afraid
People like to be the beauty, but i like to capture it. see it.


Music Choice: The whole Trilogy album – The Weeknd. It was absolutely magical. I didn’t even know the time passed by until the last song played.


What do you think?

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