Why Jungle Juice Is My Favorite Drink

Last night was a “jungle juice night”. By “jungle juice night” I mean it was a night I made out with someone, complimented everybody and drunk e-mailed my dermatologist.. ya know, all the good stuff. As I watched people pour any drink they desired into a huge bin everyone shared out of, it came to my attention I could possibly be drugged but I didn’t care! I was having fun drinking my juice of the jungle, making friends and laughing at everything. The amount of liquor that went into that bin did not phase me until about 3 o’clock in the morning as my head made its final friend: the toilet. Jungle juice is like the wine at church. It brings the people together.

Music Choice: “Rabiosa” – Shakira – I need some sort of external energy to get me through this day. This song makes my subconscious dance. But we can ignore the fact that Pitbull is in any way related to this song. Plus, this song has taught me more Spanish than I’ve learned since Kindergarten!


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