Haikus About Friends, Family, and Random Acquaintances

Move over sub-tweeting. Haikus are the new trend… Well, not really because most of you don’t know what a syllable is. Here are some haikus I have created about people I really want to say something to, but do not know how to. If you find a haiku about you, it was most likely about you. I’m not very good at obscurity.

Stuck between a rock
and an indecisive boy
Make a simple choice.
she does like sushi
but not raw confrontation
find that wasabi
I found my best friend
sharing blue crayons frequently
Kindergarten year
Beautiful mind, yes
but why not share it with me?
This girl likes to share
I would love to have
those blue eyes that see the art
in vacant places
We like the same things
music, coffee, John Mayer
Why are WE not twins?
Boy off the market
But I am willing to buy
On the black market
Your name, similar
to sharp nails on a chalkboard
My biggest pet peeve
Can I ask you please
to cure my hiccups once more?
Or is that too weird
Remember that night
when we had fun together?
Yeah, neither do I
I asked you something
and you gave me the best gift
Big-time rejection
I think I like you
I think you are off limits
But I think too much
I love you because
you are a wonderful friend
and we eat weird things
I wish I knew then
that you were very much gay.
This makes things awkward.
So sweet like dessert
but whenever we go out
I see your dinner
You look like the girl
who lives on the other side
Only uglier
When I see a world
full of kind human beings
you do not exist
Nice boys finish last
but if I gave you my heart
you would come in first
Music Choice: Gold, Guns, Girls” – Metrics. I really want to dance my socks off. M0N3Y$$ GUNZZ && BITCHESZ is the motto right? Or am I very confused?

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