Justin Timberlake: America’s Miss America

Why hasn’t Justin Timberlake tried out for Miss America? Am I the only person who wouldn’t mind viewing Miss America while Justin Timberlake is prancing on stage in a Speedo singing and dancing to “Suit and Tie”? This is a country not subjected to sexism, therefore, he must be nominated. I nominate you. Justin, you are the icon of America. You is funny. You is kind. You is important. You have the voice of Fergie and Jesus. MARRY ME JUSTIN. WE CAN HAVE A POLYGAMOUS RELATIONSHIP WITH JOHN MAYER.

Music Choice: “Give Me What I Don’t Know (I want)” – Justin Timberlake. My man has done it again. Just when you were about to jizz your pants from his first 20/20 Experience Justin added the COMPLETE experience. This is the soundtrack you must play while making love or dancing or both at the same time.


What do you think?

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