The Anatomy Of A Chex Mix Bag

Lately, I’ve had this weird obsession with Chex Mix. But who can blame me? IT’S FUCKING DELICIOUS. Chex Mix comes in a variety of different flavors so it’s possible to enjoy it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But, that’s weird. I prefer to snack on them with raisins or something.

Anyways, if you’re an experienced Chex Mix eater like myself you’d know that there are some pieces of Chex Mix you wish death upon. Is it really necessary to have a Square Pretzel piece AND a Round Pretzel piece? NO. That’s just double the work I have to do to pick out the pieces and throw them at the ground in disgust. And the Mini Breadstick? I’m sorry, if I wanted REAL breadsticks I’d go to Olive Garden. *throws Mini Breadstick on the cold, hard ground* Now that we’ve taken care of the weakest links, we can enjoy the essence of the Chex Mix Bag: the Rye Chip, the Corn Chex and the Wheat Chex. Ahhh.. now that’s what I’m talking about.

Music Choice: Work B*tch – Britney Spears. BRITNEY IS BACK, BITCH, AND HOTTER THAN EVER. Ugh, this music video is jaw droppin’. When this song comes alive on my iPod, I walk down the street like I’m the only person who should. Thankfully, I learned how to model walk from watching too many episodes of Tyra Crazy Banks in America’s Next Top Model. Yay daytime television.


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