Spongebob Defined By Marxism

Have you ever noticed how The Krusty Krab is the ONLY place to get food in Bikini Bottom? It’s the monopoly of hamburger joints under the sea. Yeah, you have Plankton trying to get in on the business, but Mr. Krabs (the bourgeois) is a greedy ass crab who won’t give Plankton some help trying to start his business because he is afraid of a little competition. Plankton, out of spite for Mr. Krab’s greediness and his repetitive rejection, lacks motivation and ends up depressed.

Mr. Krabs is constantly exploiting his workers: Spongebob and Squidward (proletariats). When was the last time you noticed either of them getting a week vacation or a day off? Never! Want to know why? Because Mr. Krabs is too busy counting the money he accumulates by selling cheap ass burgers at double the price (because he can.. because he owns the monopoly) which he spends on his stupid fat fuck of a daughter Pearl because she needs the newest clothes and cars. Squidward has dreams of becoming a dancer and expressing his artistry, but cannot do this as a cashier at The Krusty Krab. This is why he is always angry and nasally. He has pent up frustration that he lets out on Spongebob because Spongebob is blind and actually loves his job and all the hours Mr. Krabs gives him. In reality, Mr. Krabs is squeezing the work out of SPONGEbob (no pun intended).

Now Patrick… Patrick is a lazy poor individual who can still support himself. He lives under a rock, but he has everything he needs to survive. If he comes across something he does not have he goes to the pineapple next door, also known as Spongebob’s house: the hardworking individual who is barely home because he works all the time anyways.


Music Choice: “Made To Love” by John Legend. One of my favorites off his new album. Actually, his whole album is my favorite. Go listen.


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