Party Animals

In the back of our mind, we all know once we lock our doors and leave our humble abode to get to work that our animals go wild. They have parties, invite their doggy friends over for food and dancing and wreak havoc. The dogs, cats and other various animals you keep in your home patiently wait for you to pet them and be on your merry way before they break out “Risky Business” style. I can only imagine the kind of animals who come over and lick their balls on the couch or make love on the bed. They party and drink all day long and trip on massive amounts of catnip while blasting “Born To Be Wild” in response to their captivity. But once your car pulls into the driveway and the animals hear the keys jingling, the leftovers from last night get put away, the dogs are let out and the cats go back to their boring lives of licking themselves and purring. You enter your house as if nothing has happened, but why is the last played song on your iPod the “Macarena”?


Music Choice: “Celebration” by Kool & The Gang. Writing this blurb inspired me to listen to some cool party songs. I can imagine the animals of the animal kingdom moving and grooving to this tune.


What do you think?

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