Toddler Fight Club

If you’d like to read this article before reading my commentary, click here.

I almost spat out my Frosted Flakes after my roommate casually shared this article with me. A quick synopsis, Fight Club the movie is a classic story of a crazy man who just wants some sleep so he joins a testicular cancer support group and eventually forms an imaginary club for fighting. What kind of person would force kicking and screaming toddlers to kick and scream at each other? I thought one of the worst things about toddlers was their incessant kicking and screaming? Why would you encourage more of this behavior? This just proves you are crazy.

Of course this would happen in Delaware. Who gives a fuck about Delaware? That state is so under the radar Walter White should have done most of his meth deals there. MAYBE HE’D STILL BE ALIVE (sorry, I’m still sour about the finale). The only reason why these ladies were exposed was because one of the dumb asses thought the video was YouTube appropriate.

Not to play devil’s advocate, but think of this from a business standpoint. Forming a Toddler Fight Club in a secret warehouse, charging guests 50 dollars and gambling on which tough toddler will survive? Sounds like a business plan. Now all you need is a group of willing women who will reproduce. The toddlers will train once they learn to walk.

Now back to reality where I am a nice human being who loves children. NO. This is just wrong, but so interesting, but SO WRONG.


What do you think?

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