Life Lessons I Learned From a MUNI Driver

Life waits for nobody, so drive away really fast from the “bus stop” even when you see people running to catch the bus and slow you down.

You are allowed to be as mean (or nice) as you want to be to anyone who is getting something from you. Just because you’re doing them a favor does not mean you have to subject to their every, whiny need.

Opening the door for people will get them to smile at you.

Helping others get to their destination is part of your job.

Punching a back-talking woman and getting filmed on camera may make you famous for a couple of weeks, but it is not the solution. LOL HERE’S THE LINK.

You have the ability to kill 50 people if you wanted to, but you shouldn’t…..

Nothing goes away until it teaches us what we need to know, like how a passenger told you the homeless guy in the back of the bus just pissed himself and you need to clean it up.

Enjoy the ride.

Music Choice: “Buzzcut Season” by Lorde. Oh, there will be many blurbs I will write of my obsession with this lovely lady.


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