Dear My Darling Literate Readers,

It has come to my attention that you readers actually READ my blurbs and LIKE them! For the longest time I thought you guys were laughing AT me not WITH me (jokes on me, right?). THIS IS GREAT NEWS. REALLY, TELL YOUR FRIENDS. I highly encourage you to spend your Friday nights wildly scrolling through my Blurbblegum page with a bowl of popcorn and a heated blanket, tilting your head back and cackling all night long. Whenever someone new tells me they like what I write I secretly want to marry them. Idk, maybe it’s just my natural instincts. This is my creative outlet. I like to keep my posts fun and original when school and other daily activities get stressful. When someone voluntarily reads what I have to write I take it as the highest compliment. So this blurb is dedicated to you folks – the cute young men, the old ladies, the literate, the not-so literate, the graduates, the dropouts, and the ones who mean to search “bubblegum” on Google but spell it wrong. This is all for you. *crowd goes wild*

Oh, and if you don’t like what I write and take it as insulting, poorly written and ignorant, you may fill out any complaints you have and mail it to:

The People Who Don’t Give A Shit

P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way.

Sydney, Australia.

… Because who actually gives a shit in Australia?

With much love,

The Clarissa who really wants to explain it all but doesn’t know how to yet.

Music Choice“Blood Bank” by Bon Iver. This song has been repeated and put in all of my playlists for the past six months. Only Bon Iver can make the words “blood bank” sound so enticing.


What do you think?

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