Not So Cliché List Of What I’m Thankful For

In light of this holiday season of celebrating taking the land from our natives and eating until we go numb (typical Americans), I’ve really thought about what I’m thankful for this year. Happy Thanksgiving ya filthy animal. Don’t get too fat or Santa will bring you coal!



Mi familia (Cliché), except when they go in my room without asking or ask too many questions

A running toilet

screaming “FUCK” when I feel like it and not getting arrested. (a.k.a freedom of speech)

6 year olds with big mouths

any form of music

coffee and the Keurig machine for their ability to transform my morning persona

Wine and the excessive amount we have of it.

John Mayer’s parents’ horny honeymoon stage

people who think being funny is more important in life than being serious

the Sun

fuzzy socks

people who thought writing things down and making books was a good idea.’Twas.

high waisted shorts because HALLELUJAH

acoustic guitars


Ellen DeGeneres, my favorite lesbian

toilet paper

the dictionary in alphabetical order

my mom’s pancakes

My two best friends Lauren and Simone (sappy sap sap)

being single this year

the elliptical

chocolate chip cookies and non fat milk.. together.

Seth Rogan and James Franco’s friendship


puppies and kittens and cute wittle animals


What do you think?

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