Hostel Queen, Young and Sweet, Almost Twenty

I don’t know if it’s my inability to communicate and make plans with another human being or their inability to spontaneously join me in my adventures, but I’m always traveling alone. I’m not complaining, but sometimes while I’m sitting at a concert or eating the world’s best ice cream, I feel so alone, BUT, being alone has made me experience the world of hostels while traveling all on my own.

For clarification, there is a major difference between a HOTEL and a HOSTEL. Hotels are offered to anyone over the age of 21, sometimes 18. Hostels are provided to anyone over the age of 18 with no age limit which may include an old, perverted man who doesn’t know the English words “Go away.” (please keep this in mind as you continue reading). Hotels give you the luxury of sleeping in your own room with no one to judge how you drool or your level of snore. Hostels, on the other hand, are co-ed or single sex shared rooms usually for foreigners but I use them anyway. Hostels are cheaper than hotels, and since I don’t have the kahunas to spend 100 dollars a night on a hotel room, A HOSTEL IT IS.

This could be my own fault, but I refuse to believe I had anything to do with putting myself in a situation where I must hide my face under my sheets because the man in the bed across from mine keeps staring at me while I sleep.

Here are some tips if you plan on staying in a hostel anytime soon:

Always check the ratings online and look at pictures. The pictures could look marvelous, but if the hostel has one star it’s a NO-NO. Learning from other people’s bad experiences is the best way after all.

Never agree to stay in a co-ed hostel room. Seriously, it might be cheaper, but you don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night and catch men sniffing your panties. Play it safe.

Bring your own everything. Sheets are provided, but you don’t know how well the washing machine works or if soap was used. Towels. Soap. Toothbrushes. Shoes. Deodorant. B.Y.O.E

Don’t be a party pooper. Hostels can be so much fun when you meet the right people. Right now, I’m sharing a room with women from Italy and they have so many stories to tell me whether I want to listen to them or not! Foreigners are friends, not food.

Music Choice: “Lasso” by Phoenix. I swear, Phoenix did such a great job at the concert I went to tonight. I think I turned groupie over the course of 40 minutes. As if I wasn’t already obsessed before…


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