Save The Ta tas From Extinction


Nudity is not a sin, nor should it be treated uncommonly. We were born naked. Our parents have seen us naked. Our lovers have seen us naked. WE have seen ourselves naked. We were given a body to live in for a good 80 years, the least we can do is LOVE it. Our bodies can do so many things. Why would you want your thighs to have a gaping hole in the center where children can play peek-a-boo? The reason we hate to be naked is because of the guilt we feel when our bodies are not up-to-par with someone else’s standards. BULLSHIT.

Be naked. Be free. Be wild. Avoid the turtleneck. Show some boobies. Flash a piece of dat ass.


Music Choice: “Diana” by One Direction. Dancing. BRB.


What do you think?

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