Dog Days, Where You At?

So this is what it feels like to be freed from the chains and out of the basement I’ve been stuck in for four months? (a.k.a college, people.. I wasn’t kidnapped). I FEEL INVIGORATED, FREE AND A BIT HUNGRY. This semester was one of the worst. I was so desperate for my school to catch fire or a bizarre earthquake to crumple my Accounting class to the ground. I even prayed to the twerking gods asking for Miley’s wrecking ball to smash through the walls of my classes. It’s like college professors and advisors think it’s okay to welcome all the little freshman and make them believe college will be a breeze. NOPE. Once sophomore year hits that’s when professors team up and assign papers, homework, presentations, pointless readings and video analyses all due within the next few days. Can I please get the chance to BREATHE without thinking of the amount of work I need to complete?

I want to be a bear and hibernate in the depths of my comforter. I want my brothers to feed me dangling grapes as I am fanned and given a foot massage by my mother and father. I want to sit in the house and look at the snow with a big cup of coffee and a novel with absolutely no reference to financial accounting or quantitative business analysis.


What do you think?

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