The Human Duck

Welcome to Animal Planet. My name is Steve Irwin and I have risen from the dead to report on one of the most common animals we have seen these past few years.. the human duck. MATE, I THINK I SEE ONE NOW!


There she is. What a beaut. Her lips so pouty but those eyes, so hungry for attention. Usually this female specimen of the human duck is gathered around friends whenever a mirror is present in which they all are seen pouting their lips for the camera, but strangely she is not with her friends and stands alone. This lone duck hunts for a male specimen in hopes her lips will lure him in. CRIKEY MEANS GEE WHIZ, WOW! A WILD OFFSPRING APPEARS!


Offsprings are a rarity to find. For a human duck to be learning the lip pout technique this young of age is truly spectacular.

Music Choice: “The Boy With The Arab Strap” by Belle and Sebastian. No, you may not get “Color my life with the chaos of trouble” tattooed over your vagina if you don’t know what song these lyrics came from.



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