While we were dancing in the sky ready to be put into our mother’s womb, there was a part of us ripped from the midsection and divided into five. Another part of us was taken from our toes and split in two. The part of our soul hanging near our shoulders was taken, spliced and fractured into three parts. Each of those parts were taken away until only one part of the soul remained. This part is you. The other pieces of your soul are out there waiting to be found.

It is quite damn near impossible to be significantly tied to one person for the rest of your life.

How can one person hold all the qualities you are looking to find?

How can one person like sunny weather AND rainy days?

How can one person love your awful taste in music?

How can one person love you infinitely?

Aren’t you worth more than one person’s love?

It is not about the amount of love one person can give you. Even if one person gives you the world, there is still somebody out there who can provide the world and add a couple of stars. Your soul can be found in things, too. Books. Movies. Places. Experiences. We are ever-changing beings. Yesterday was different from today and today will be unlike tomorrow. For one person or thing to make us completely happy is quite impossible. IMPOSSIBLE. The quest to find the additional parts of your soul began five minutes ago. Go. Now. Find them and feel complete.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY 100TH PUBLISHED POST TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Soulmates

  1. Miley

    You keep doing what you’re doing because you have this gift of enternaining us all. We are blessed to have such a great writer. I speak for everyone when I say I can’t wait to read your next Blurb.


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