Honey, I Found the Kids (On Facebook)

Family is everything,


and has taken over the media – specifically social media.

A place once safe to talk about how your mother is controlling your life and your aunt who chews with her mouth open, Facebook has become like another family party you can’t escape. There are no bathrooms to find shelter in after you’ve arrived. You have to face it. But when is it time to unfriend Aunt May? (sorry Auntie, but even Spidey needs to maintain his reputation.)

1. If your mother tags herself in your profile pictures because “she wants to show her friends what a great job her egg did”.

2. When all of your statuses have been commented on by family members connecting from around the world, even the statuses about how drunk you were last night.

3. When you have more “family” friends than “friend” friends.

4. When your grandma starts asking you why your boobs are hanging out in all of your pictures. Even a little cleavage is okay, Grandma.

5. When anything on Facebook becomes a topic for dinner conversation.

6. When Grandpa starts adding your college friends. Bad, Grandpa!

7. When finishing homework becomes a problem because your relative won’t stop messaging you about how much homework you have.

8. When your mom posts photos of your dog and constantly tags you, making it seem like her daughter has turned into a 7 year old poodle.

Facebook has evolved into a nostalgic family reunion. Our generation has only a few years before our older relatives learn how to retweet.


Now Playing: “Towers” by Bon Iver. coffee + this song + a bouquet of sunflowers on my desk = happiness. Now, if only there was world peace.


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