Players Only ♥ You When They’re Playing

Isn’t it funny when guys don’t text you back? Or wait until the next full moon to do so? LOL. HILARIOUS.

If you’re a woman and you tell the man you’re talking to that it doesn’t bother you when he replies to your “What’s up?” text four days after the fact, you’re a damn liar.

If you’re a woman and you tell the guy you’re talking to that it doesn’t bother you when he doesn’t text you back at least a couple of hours later, you’re a damn liar.

AND if you’re a woman and you allow yourself to sit there and wait by your phone for a guy to text you back, you’re a damn fool.

Let’s be realistic.

If a woman was dying and her man came to her rescue without texting her back, in her last dying breath she would ask, “Why didn’t you text me back?”

We women have an internal battle going on inside of our heads, wondering whether or not we should make a big deal of this first world problem. Oh, we should.

We definitely should.

WHY run the world if we’re still worrying about the male species and their inability to use a telephone? Do you think Hillary Clinton spends her time worrying why Bill hasn’t been texting her? NO! SHE’S TOO BUSY TRYING TO RUN THE OFFICE.

Here is what you can do in the time it will take for the average man to text you back if you’re.. well.. like average me:

– Read the Harry Potter novels seven times through, highlighting how many times the words “Muggle” and “rubbish” are used

– Complete a marathon

– Experience a pregnancy

– Finish a phone conversation with your distant uncle who has a hard time understanding English but really wants to hear about the rash you’ve developed on your leg

– Write, produce, direct and cast an epic film

– Wait for Armageddon

– Turn 56 years old

– Experience the birth of North West’s daughter, South West.


Okay, maybe I’m making a big deal out of this, or maybe you’re a guy.

Now Playing: “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” by Shania Twain.



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