Why We Can’t Be Friends

It’s hard finding someone to relate to when I’m always quiet but my mind is moving a mile a minute so I apologize for seeming shy and reserved but I swear I’m not like this all the time because once you work up the courage to get to know me I am the most adventure-seeking little woman you will ever meet and if you’ve already met a little woman like this please bring her to me so we can be the best of friends because I only want to be friends with these type of people and wasting my time with anyone who talks of the bad instead of making the good cannot grab my attention for more than three minutes because someone who cares if my shoe laces are untied is far more worthy of my attention than someone who doesn’t know my favorite day of the week or my middle name because those friendships make no sense to me so why spend each minute closer to death with people who don’t make me feel alive?


It’s not you, it’s me.


What do you think?

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